Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny

My girls had a blast in their first real snow since moving up north.  My oldest is incredibly hard to capture in photos (she refuses to hold still and is a bit camera shy), but I do have better luck getting my youngest to cooperate.

This was a fun shot and I have great memories of this day.

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Her Eyes

Those Eyes…

It is nearly impossible to get good photos of my daughters. They don’t hold still long enough for me to get anything sharp.

We took our girls to the splash pad and I managed to snag some fun shots for our personal collection.  While drying of Keilah I managed to get her to look into my 50mm just long enough to catch one of her most intriguing features – her dark eyes.

So this is one I’ll carry in my heart and mind’s eye forever…


Going Up…

The majority of the photos I took at the Fairhope Pier were a dud.  Mobile Bay didn’t offer me much to go on since there were not many waves and I couldn’t find points of interest to focus on to cut through the vast amount of uniform sand and water.

I did however manage to snag some fun angles of some stairs at the park area.  It was bustling with activity but I think I may have found an interesting perspective on these stairs.

HDR techniques were used, hopefully it’s pretty seamless as there is a lot of foliage.



I had some errands to do this morning, but wanted to get to the Fairhope area to take some landscape shots with my tripod.

I took about 300 shots and maybe came back with less than 20 that I was happy with.  I’ve been using the bracketing technique to work on some HDR principles and have been loving the result.

I’m like 90%  happy with the turnout of this flower. I wish the edges were a bit more seamless, I feel there are some areas where you can tell the overlay, but otherwise I love how they came out.  The originals aren’t too shabby either.

Steam Boat

American Queen

This past Saturday we took the girls to New Orleans to visit the aquarium.  I jumped on the chance to take some photos and stumbled upon the American Queen.  A gorgeous, vintage Steam Boat from Memphis, Tennessee.  I snagged a few photos and decided it would be the perfect time to try out the HDR techniques I have been learning from Trey Ratcliff.  I still need to brush up on some things, but I’m happy with how they came out overall.

Concrete Angel

Concrete Angel

In my desperate attempt to get more practice, Sarai and I took a walk around the street for a little bit.  She was distracted by everything that crawled, fluttered and skittered – and all I wanted was a subject that would hold still long enough for me to snap a clear shot.  So far, my daughters refuse to work with me in that regard.

Sarai became enamored by this particular statue.  Her eyes were taking all of it’s concrete cuteness in, so I decided that I would try to capture what her little eyes were viewing.

Out of the 20+ terrible shots I took (all the while getting completely clobbered by mosquitos) I think I managed to snag a halfway decent shot.